North Fork Deer Alliance (NFDA)
of Long Island, NY
Returning local deer population to levels compatible with human health, the environment and economy


Property Owners Wanted!

You can be part of the deer over-population solution

Our goal is to help bring deer populations on the North Fork to a safe and sustainable level for people, deer and the environment, while responsibly harvesting venison for personal consumption and donation to food pantries.

Our hunters are ethical and responsible local citizens. They are vetted and highly skilled archers, trained and managed by our Hunting Manager.

Hunters are insured and will work with property owners to hunt around their schedule.

All hunting will take place between October 1st 2016 and January 31st 2017

All hunting will be done with a BOW & ARROW only

Contact us at                                                                             to learn if your property meets regulatory and logistical criteria.

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